Working in partnership with Energystore Ltd, Total Floor Solutions are a licensed supplier / installer of TLA (Thermal Lightweight Aggregate). We can supply TLA in a range of densities dependant on your requirements.

TLA is a unique thermal lightweight aggregate manufactured using a combination of EPS beads and cement. Prior to the ingredients being combined, the EPS beads are coated with Politherm Blu- a patented additive by Edilteco which prevents the beads rising to the top of the mixture. Each individual pour is batched and pumped from the back of our state-of-the-art transmix to a specific recipe to ensure project specific requirements are met. TLA is available in a range of densities and strengths (Thermal Conductivity as low as 0.043 W/m2K) , producing a versatile solution that can be catered to suit client requirements. Used in over 40 countries worldwide, TLA is the perfect product for replacing PIR or Beam and Block systems.

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Ultra Light Weight

Installed density as low as 130 kg/m³

Low CO2 Impact

Floor solutions with up to 80% less cement, reducing CO2 impact.

Faster Projects

Drying time of 1cm per day under normal conditions.

TLA as a Replacement to Beam and Block

With insulation prices on the up due to a lack of raw materials and issues across the supply chain, we have recently been specifying TLA200 as a full-system replacement for conventional Beam and Block floor systems.


The below Case Study demonstrates how TLA saved the client time, effort, and a massive amount of money.

The client came to us as a home-owner building an extension to a 3 bedroom detached property in York. Having originally planned the extension with a Beam and Block/PIR Insulation system, he was notified that his insulation supplier had let him down and wouldn’t be able to deliver the sufficient materials for 3 weeks. Given that he was living in the property with his young family at the time, this disruption to the works programme would have been a massive source of stress and anxiety. He asked whether we would be able to provide a quotation for a full system replacement with TLA200.

TLA 200 was selected at a depth of 180mm to hit the U-value requirement whilst simultaneously providing a sound structural base. The job was quoted, supplied, and installed within 4 days of the original quote being received, with the pour taking roughly 4 hours to complete. The client went from facing a potential month-long delay to being around two weeks in front of schedule, all whilst streamlining cost, deliveries, and workload. The finished substructure was walkable within 48 hours of the pour and provided all the thermal and structural requirements of the specification.

TLA as a replacement To Beam and Block

TLA as a replacement to Conventional Insulation

NHBC Approved

Product Benefits

Why TLA Works For You!


With the use of TFS’s Putzmeister Transmix, the speed of installation is unrivalled


TLA either comes in factory-mixed formats or can be mixed on site. It is specified to meet customer requirements on thickness, weight, strength and thermal performance.


Walk on the floor in 24 hours (48 in winter). Complete drying time on one day per 1cm of thickness.


TLA creates a single structure with no gaps in the insulation layer and requires no sealing of joints.


There is no wastage or offcuts to be disposed of. TLA is 85& polystyrene bead, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly insulation systems on the market.

Applications of TLA

Lightweight Screeds

In addition to TLA being used as a replacement insulation, higher grades can also be used as a direct replacement for light weight screeds. TLA 200 has an expected density of 215kg/m3, which can be topped with a 10mm self levelling screed weighing 15kg/m2. These exceptional weight properties make TLA the ideal solution for the refurbishment market, projects requiring the levelling of uneven floors and for raised floor systems. In addition it's acoustic properties mean it can help where high levels of acoustic performance are required.

Ground Floor Solutions

TLA can achieve a thermal conductivity as low as 0.043W/m-k, enabling projects to achieve their energy conservation requirements. TLA can be laid directly on top of hardcore, concrete sub-floors or beam and block floors. It's unrivalled drying time of 1cm per day is critical to speeding up projects particularly where time is an issue. With no wastage or off cuts, TLA provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly single layer structure with no thermal bridging or time consuming installation required.

High Load Insulation

TLA can be used as an ideal alternative to higher strength floor insulations such as XPS. Also providing excellent thermal properties, TLA 110 achieves a compressive strength above 500KN/M2 and TLA 250 above 800KN/M2. TLA can be installed at any thickness and does not require any floor preparation. Providing a fully enclosed layer with no thermal bridging, or need for time consuming cutting around services, TLA provides a solid level base with no cracking.

Intermediate Floor Solutions

TLA provides a versatile lightweight solution for use in intermediate floors. By replacing traditional floor systems with TLA, it is possible to save significant weight while meeting the loading requirements of the floor. TLA has lightweight thermal and acoustic benefits which can lead to significant savings on structural design. Underfloor heating systems can be fixed directly to the TLA reducing the need for an insulation board and further reducing costs. The system will also lead to quicker floor drying times and significant CO2 savings as a result of reduced structural requirements and cement.

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