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Total Floor Solutions have been providing specialist flooring solutions to the construction industry since 2016. We provide innovative and high-performance products developed to address long-standing issues with conventional systems.

TLA (Thermal Lightweight Aggregate) is a revolutionary flowing and insulated screed that is designed as a replacement for conventional Beam and Block systems as well as PIR insulation.  TLA offers a range of benefits including quicker install times, less waste, better thermal and acoustic properties and many more.

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Experts in Mobile Screed supply and Flowing Insulation

Since 2017 we’ve been the North’s premier supplier of liquid screeds and innovative insulation alternatives.

With projects ranging from small domestic extensions to carrying out renovation works at one of the UKs most prestigious landmarks – Battersea Power Station; our versatile and adaptable approach means we can cater our services to each and every client.


TLA is a pourable insulation comprised of Cement and EPS beads. The beads are coated in a revolutionary additive that creates an even dispersion throughout the cement and prevents any beads congregating at the top of the mixture. Once set (usually within 24-48 hours), the product forms a structurally-sound slab with exceptional thermal, lightweight, and acoustic properties.

TLA can be offered as a direct replacement to PIR insulation as well as being a full-scale solution for Beam and Block floor systems.

Key Points:

FIXED RATES until 2022

There have been significant hikes in the price of PIR insulation throughout 2021. With increases of 50% in 2021 and further increases forecast for October and early 2022, TLA offers a thermally competitive solution that could provide savings of up to £5 per sqm over conventional PIR. Using TLA as opposed to Beam and Block Systems can save up to £30 per sqm.

Streamlined Site operations

TLA can achieve a thermal conductivity as low as 0.043W/m-k, enabling projects to achieve their energy conservation requirements. TLA can be laid directly on top of hardcore, concrete sub-floors or beam and block floors. It's unrivalled drying time of 1cm per day is critical to speeding up projects particularly where time is an issue. With no wastage or off cuts, TLA provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly single layer structure with no thermal bridging or time consuming installation required.

Versatile solutions

TLA can be offered in variety of thermal compositions to hit U-value requirements and floor-build ups. Due to its exceptionally lightweight properties, it can be used: on intermediate floors, as a void former, as an insulation alternative, or as a full replacement for conventional floor systems.

Ultra Light Weight

Installed density as low as 130 kg/m³

Low CO2 Impact

Floor solutions with up to 80% less cement, reducing CO2 impact.

Faster Projects

Drying time of 1cm per day under normal conditions.


We are proud to have partnered with the likes of Battersea Power Station, Greenholme Mills, Victoria Mills, Milburngate, and more. View our portfolio of past projects by hitting the button below


We’re proud to have partnered with the likes of Battersea Power Station, Greenholme Mills, Transmix Victora, and more. View our complete portfolio of past projects by hitting the button below.

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